An app approved by the little ones

Get to know around a hundred animals, scroll through them, zoom in, hear the sounds they make, draw them, learn their names in four different languages and even create their very own parade!

Several different galleries are available:

  • On the farm
  • Wild
  • Near the water 
  • Birds
  • Babies
  • My parade

Parade is an attractive, fluid graphic app packed with photos, ideal for children aged 3-6 years.


iPad – iPhone | $2.99 | Available on the App Store

iPad – iPhone | Lite | Available on the App Store 


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Special features

Choose a gallery: on the farm, wild, near the water, birds or babies

Hear the sound the animal makes

Personalise your animal and put your drawing into your very own parade

Scroll through the animals

Drawing workshop

Learn the name of the animal in several languages

The team

Music & Sound design : AMBROISE CABRY
Programming : ERIK ESCOFFIER