Weird and wonderful creatures

Like IN MY DREAM, MY PEAR will allow the child to build pictures himself with a huge number of images, in order to create his own animals…
Side-to-side and up-and-down finger swipes create hundreds of interchangeable combinations and encourage chidren’s creativity as they create some weird and wonderful creatures all based on a pear.

iPad | $1.99 | Available on the App Store

“This is a wonderful little app that will encourage children’s creativity.”- APPYMALL
“A playful game of matching and silly mismatching.”- KIRKUS REVIEW

Special features

slides with coloured shapes which, superimposed, will create real – or totally imaginary animals!

A drawing page

A gallery to save the child’s favourite pictures

The team

Creation & illustrations: STEPHANE KIEHL
Music & Sound design : AMBROISE CABRY
Programming : ERIK ESCOFFIER