« Stephane Kiehl’s Dans Mon Reve (In My Dream) was praised by judges for being a « beautifully surreal and poetic app » that « leaves space for a child’s imagination and provides a setting for collaborative play. »


« The winner was French: Dans Mon Reve (In My Dreams) by e- Toiles Editions, which offers a visual, interactive riff on the children’s game “head, shoulders, knees and toes. »


« The day closed with the announcement of the first-ever Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award, which went to Dans Mon Reve, a French mix-and-match app from e-Toiles Editions. »


« Dans Mon Reve by e-Toiles Editions from France. This is a surreal and poetic app, updating the traditional heads bodies and legs format in a way that can only work on multi-screen. It leaves space for a child1s imagination and provides a setting for collaborative play, all
while breaking away from the page-by-page way of thinking. »


« Num ambiente surreal e poético, a obra explora elementos das imagens, como braços, pernas e cabeças, de uma forma apenas possível em multimédia. E, ao mesmo tempo que amplia o espaço imaginativo da criança, convida-a ao jogo. »