A new way to tell stories

There are so many stories to discover!

The child himself will build pictures with a huge number of images (overall, there are more than 8,000 combinations), and thus create a story, both funny and delightfully oniric.


This original prize-winning app was created and illustrated by STEPHANE KIEHL, for children aged 3 and above.


for iPad | $2.99 | Available on the App Store


« In my dream offers a visual, interactive riff on the children’s game “head, shoulders, knees and toes.” PUBLISHING PERSPECTIVES
« In my dream was praised by judges for being a « beautifully surreal and poetic app » that « leaves space for a child’s imagination and provides a setting for collaborative play ». » THE BOOKSELLER
« The app veers away from linear narrative as it puts the child in charge of the story’s direction, and it brilliantly showcases what is possible on a touch-screen reading device. » THE LITERARY PLATFORM

Special features

Let your child slide illustrations or texts

Just like an invitation to close the eyes, touching the small moon will instil the night into the picture

A photo gallery will save the favourite compositions

And be taken away by the deep voice (in english) of Martin Cannon who will speak over the stories that he/she will have invented

Swing the iPad, and a star will offer a different perspective of all things

BolognaRagazzi Digital Award / Editor’s Choice Award « Children’s Technology review »

The team

Creation & illustrations: STEPHANE KIEHL
Programming : AUTRESPHÈRE
Sound designer : CHARLIE NGUYEN KIM
Graphic design: CYRIL CABRY